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Handbound Books


Order a hand-bound copy of my darkly funny novella which follows a young procurer as he serves his sea widows, chases his newlywed cousin, and matches wits with his nemesis The Spanish Moor on Nantucket Island, 1848. Fully illustrated and handmade.  

The Sequel to A Boy From Nantucket, Go West documents the immensity of New York in the industrial age, of cultures crashing, of manifest destiny in the west, the theft of California, the irresistible temptation of gold and the birth of San Francisco as one of the great cities in the world. All as witnessed by Jedideah Folger as he traverses the hardships of westward travel in the mid 19th Century. Humbly but luxuriously while turning a profit on anything he can. 

Making the book

Original video trailer-based on the prolouge

Available on Amazon in softcover or as Ebook

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